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A Note from the Vice President

National Review is not only conservatism's most vital magazine and website, its principle locus for defining our movement, for supporting our allies, for combatting the foes of our principles. National Review is also a cause.

Our readers know that, which is why for over 60 years, many ─ often in response to direct appeals from our founder, William F. Buckley Jr. ─ they have given consequential material support to NR. To allow it to do what it has done best since the first issue premiered in 1955: To stand athwart history, yelling Stop.

Your selfless support of National Review's current webathon ─ in which we seek support for the battle against a re-emerging Socialism ─ is as vital as it is deeply appreciated.

Many thanks, 

Jack Fowler
Vice President

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We ask you to contribute to NR so that we can continue to engage and confront conservatism’s determined enemies. And prevail, in the courtroom, against the foes of the First Amendment.

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At this pivotal moment for our movement, your contribution to National Review, America’s most consequential voice of liberty and freedom, will matter greatly. Please stand with conservatism. Please stand with this critical cause that is National Review.

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At this pivotal moment, as we battle reckless leftists, your contribution to National Review, America’s most consequential voice of liberty and freedom – and sanity – matters greatly. Stand with conservatism and the critical cause that is National Review.

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We Prefer Our Socialism . . . Defeated. Help NR Combat this Menace Against Freedom! Since its premier issue in 1955, National Review – with wisdom, wit, and determination, with blood, sweat, and passion – has been on the front lines combatting ...

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National Review has an experienced and professional editorial and research team. Contributions to this campaign help us fund additional research and reporting activities. Please give and help us discuss things you care about.

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