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So, what do I bring to the table and what does my candidacy mean for you?

​1.​ I understand justice. Justice is the fair and impartial adjudication of claims by applying the law to the unique facts of a case. Particularly because this is a nonpartisan race, judicial candidates are called to administer justice without regard to political party affiliation, socio-economic status, or any other impermissible criteria and judge the unique facts of each case by the applicable laws and legal standards. My time in the military impressed upon me a strong sense of equality and highlighted the benefits of how greatly our lives are improved when we all work together to make our world a better place to live.

​2.​ I employ the distinct Western Kentucky practical and common-sense approach to administration of justice. The Court of Appeals is a court of correction rather than a court of policy. I believe in straight talk and efficiency. In my years working with the Court of Appeals I not only look at each case as a puzzle to solve and reach the right result on, but I realize the beginning and end products are people with issues that need to be resolved. I recognize it is the court’s duty to do so in a clear way that follows the law and makes sense to those not practiced in the law when read. This serves the greatest benefit to all.

​3.​ I have on the job training. I believe most people learn the most about how to do their job and do it well by doing it. Since I began working for Justice Nickell I have been learning exactly what a Court of Appeals judge does and how to do it. I’ve also had the benefit of learning this from Judge Dixon, as well. I have attended yearly Court of Appeals conferences and established great working relationships across the court. I am uniquely qualified and have the readily transferrable skills to make this transition in a seamless fashion. Moreover, this is my passion. I believe people perform better when they genuinely love and enjoy their job. It has been a great honor, privilege, and joy to work for the Court of Appeals and I look forward to doing so as a judge.

​So, what does my post have to do with you? I’m asking for your vote and support. I hope we have a lot in common, most importantly common goals of public safety, administration of justice, and making our world a better place.

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Jenny Hines was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She was raised in Western Kentucky and graduated with a Commonwealth diploma and as Valedictorian from Reidland High School in 2003. Ms. Hines is a 2006 graduate of Murray State University where she ...

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