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     I was born and raised in the congressional district I am running in.  (TX-22)  After graduating high school, I enlisted in the Army in January of 2003, serving until October of 2013.   I spent 24 months total in Iraq, during the course of two deployments.  In 2012 I began civilian flight training, earning my Commercial Pilot Certificate.  

     After completing flight training I returned to TX-22 and opened a business with my cousin.  We started without a dime to our name and without any loans.  www.HeliHogHunt.com and www.FLY-NHS.com were born.  In 2017, I stepped back from management and I began working for an operator serving oil & gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

     I currently live in my district with my wife, a law enforcement officer and Texas Army National Guard Sergeant and our three daughters.

       After the November 2018 election cycle, I spent 30 days thinking about our country.  I spent 30 days thinking about how to prepare my three kids for what the country and world had become.  I finally found my answer.

     I needed not only to prepare my daughters for the world, but prepare the world for my daughters - and yours as well.

     I formed www.JoeWalz.us and Committee to Elect Joe Walz.

     I am a fairly moderate Republican, with some independent views that the official Republican Platform doesn't typically address.  I am energetic, outgoing, funny, and have a huge heart.  The resolve and willingness to stand my ground could never be surpassed. 

     It is time for the "fiscal conservatives" to stop the establishment games and actually perform.  It is time for the men and women who will stand up for America to have a voice in D.C.  I am ready to fight for America.

     I will expose fraud, waste and abuse at every level - and vote my heart to affect positive change in all aspects of American living.


1. Reduce Healthcare Costs

2. National Debt Reduction

3. Pharmaceutical Patents Length Reductions

4. Streamline Rx Approval Process

5. Allow Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices

6. Allow Federal Financial Aid to be used for vocational programs

7. Protect 2nd Amendment

8. Keep low taxes

9. Overhaul IRS

10. Audit and Potentially abolish the Federal Reserve.


 These are just a few of the topics I will address during my initial two-tear term.


     I will not be able to do any of this without financial support.  My opponents will throw everything at me.  This winning candidate in 2018 raised $1.3 Million.  His opponent, $1 Million.

Please consider donating to help this campaign begin working toward our goals of making America and the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

      Thank you for your support in advance.


Joe Walz


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