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I'm Guy Heywood.  I'm running for Mayor in the City of North Vancouver and I need your help to mount an effective campaign for real, positive change and transparency in the City of North Vancouver. 

In five previous campaigns for School Board and City Council, I've funded my own campaigns.  New rules that govern election finance in municipal elections have banned corporate and union donations but also limit the amount an individual can donate to their own campaign to a modest amount which I've already spent.  To mount an effective campaign and be successful on October 20th, I need the help of my fellow citizens. 

How much does a campaign for Mayor cost? In the 2014 election our Mayor spent $100,000 on his campaign, most of which came from corporations and unions that deal with the City.  His challenger spent $70,000 of his own money.  The new rules cap the amount that can be spent on a campaign for Mayor in the City of North Vancouver at $35,000.  

So please consider donating to my campaign but also think about who else you want to see on Council.  The Mayor's role is important but that person is just one vote on Council.  I hope to be able to benefit from the advice and support from Don Bell who, in addition to running for re-election to Council, has been a Mayor and Member of Parliament.   

 Don and I believe that City Council needs fresh faces with open minds and positive outlooks as well. We have been encouraging people we believe fit that profile to come forward and run for Council for the first time. You will hear more about them here and on my website as their campaigns get going.

This will be an interesting election. The rules have changed. Many incumbents are not running again. People have come to realize that local government has the biggest impact on the quality of life and livability of the community and that's it's important to have people with the community's interest at heart and ability to make a difference on City Council.  

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